Fink_Sascha_BenjaminSascha Benjamin Fink

Juniorprofessor for Neurophilosophy, Head of the M.Sc. Philosophy-Neurosciences-Cognition, Leader of the Laboratory for Empirical Philosophy and Psychology (PNK-Lab) at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

My main focus is on philosophical and foundational question in a neuroscientific inquiry of consciousness – how can we know which events in the brain make it such that the mind feels like something to us. This project intertwines contemporary philosophical methods and debates with questions arising from ongoing neuroscientifc research. On the one hand, these questions concern the inquiry itself, e.g. the concept of a neural correlate of consciousness, the scientific status of introspection, the limitations different physiological measures, how to categorise and differentiate sensory modalities (and whether we can create new senses by sensory substitution), or how to gain insights about non-standard experiences like dreaming, psychedelic trips, or psychopathologies. On the other hand, we face questions about what is inquired, consciousness itself: Can experiences be indeterminate in some sense? Can there be experiences without a felt self? How can we explain our odd sense of time? etc. Lastly, we have to face ethical and social questions: How can and should the practices and theories of the neurosciences be integrated into society at large?

But also: How do neuroscientific facts inform our view of ourselves, our abilities and the shortcomings we have due to that wet machinery that runs our mind?

Keywords: Neurophilosophy – Philosophy of Mind – Experimental Philosophy – Neuroscience of Consciousness – Neural Correlate of Consciousness – Pain

Location: OVGU (FHW)

Webpage: Link