Who can enrol at the CBBS graduate program?

Every PhD and MD student who is also enroled as a PhD student at the Otto von Guericke University, regardless of whether your PI is a CBBS member, whether your are involved in a CBBS project or whether you are already in another graduate school.


How do you enrol in our graduate program?

Just register here, it’s free of charge.


What are the benefits of the CBBS graduate program?

The CBBS graduate program can help and shape you on your way to your PhD and provides a platform for communicating with fellow PhD students from LIN, DZNE and OVGU. Among others, the idea is to initiate lecture series about topics you suggested, hold workshops to help you during your PhD and for the preparation of your life afterwards and to provide a forum where you can share scientific or other student-life-related questions to other PhD students and PIs. In addition, our members are favoured to participate in courses from the OVGU with limited numbers of participants. Moreover, we are open for your own ideas and wishes to shape the program according to your needs.