Huang_YingYing Huang

Research Scientist at the Special Lab Primate Neurobiology at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg

My research focuses on auditory working memory which is crucial for speech perception and communication. Specifically, my research aims to study the neuronal mechanisms of working memory and identify drugs or training strategies for enhancing working memory, with a particular interest in the sensory-prefrontal-midbrain dopamine network and with the ultimate goal to translate the research findings to the improvement of everyday functions such as speech perception. To achieve these purposes, I use a multi-level, cells-to-behavior research approach on monkeys and also, by collaborating with colleagues, use a translational approach on monkeys and on humans.

Keywords: working memory – neuroenhancement – sensory-prefrontal-midbrain dopamine network – hearing – primates

Location: LIN

Webpage: Link