We are currently establishing CBBS GP Study Groups for scientific exchange. Every CBBS GP member is welcome to join!

We are convienced that every successful scientist needs a community. The new format of CBBS GP Study Groups enables students to meet on a regular basis and to discuss problems, ideas, methods, paper, etc.. The idea is, that students get to know each other and help one another. If they need further help, we can also recruit Postdocs, PIs or coaches from outside to answer open questions.

Below you can find a list of our Study Groups and the responsible person. Dates of upcoming meetings can be found in our calendar.

Imaging Techniques & Analysis

Hanna Edler

Synaptic Plasticity

Babak Khodaie

Behavioural Tasks

Jana Schulze

Programming & Statistics

Elisa Lancini

fMRI Data Analysis

Alexander Weuthen

Next steps:    

  • Discuss about content of the study group
  • find a supporting Postdoc (if desired)
  • plan meetings
  • ask us for help and advice whenever you need