German Conversation Club

For all those who are more interested in getting closer to the German language in a more personal setting or in flexibly refreshing your already acquired language skills, we organise the German Conversation Club between our CBBS GP members and local German teaching students. Here, a small group of CBBS GP members will meet with two German teaching students weekly. Besides refreshing your German language, you will also get the chance to learn about the German culture by meeting in bars, or visiting Magdeburg attractions. Although this way of learning German cannot be certified, it allows you to find an individual and uncomplicated appointment next to your scientific life.

We will be able to offer 2 courses in parallel: One for Beginners (A1-A2) and one for Advanced (A2/B1-C1).

Start 3rd round: October 2020

GCC Beginners


6 p.m.

ZOOM & IBIO, Hs 91, Seminar room 001

GCC Advanced Initial Meeting


6 p.m.

Zoom & IBIO, Hs 91, Seminar room 001

In order to be able to guarantee an appropriate level of the GCC advanced course, we need proof of your German language skills (certificates, previous participation in the GCC, etc.). Please send the evidence to (who has not done so yet):

Just check our calendar for upcoming appointments.

Past events

Summer semester 2020

GCC Advanced: Every Monday, 7 p.m. via zoom

GCC Beginners: Every Tuesday, 7 p.m. via zoom

Winter term 2019/20

GCC Beginners: Every Tuesday, 7 p.m., IBIO room 203

GCC Advanced: Every Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., IBIO room 203