In 2007, the Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences CBBS was founded to strengthen the importance of Magdeburg as one of the high-profile neuroscience centers in Germany. The CBBS is a central scientific institution of the Otto von Guericke University, comprising members from the OVGU, the LIN and the DZNE.  It established its own methodological and technological platforms using state-of-the-art methods ranging from brain imaging in humans to the study of single molecules in synapses. The CBBS is characterized by its role as architecture to specifically endorse excellent young scientists by allowing them liberties in research at an early stage, and by providing a bounty of approaches, topics and methods to achieve synergies and increment value for maximum results.

The CBBS graduate program acts under the umbrella of the Otto von Guericke Graduate Academy and is providing easy access information on local PhD and MD graduation across neuroscience disciplines and a platform to stimulate the scientific exchange between researchers and students as well as among students. Further, the CBBS graduate program can help to support young motivated scientists to build up a future scientific career, also within the CBBS.