To represent the interests of the PhD and MD students in the program, the CBBS graduate program can refer to 3 PhD representatives, one from each institution represented in the CBBS. The representatives are the voice of all PhD and MD students in the program and together with the coordinators of the CBBS graduate program, the PhD representatives have made it their task to continuously refine the program to needs of the PhD and MD students.


180215-M1A-8413Jan Teuber

PhD representative from OVGU

Being a postdoctoral researcher in Oliver Stork’s Lab I have predominantly been working on the influences of the ubiqituin ligase Praja1 on various intracellular signalling pathways and the functional effects of Praja1 activity in different cell types. To that end, non-neuronal cellular models as well as primary neuronal cultures are investigated. Furthermore, behavioural studies complement the findings from cell culture and molecular biology.


Medical dissertation, Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg (Germany), 2015
M.A. in Philosophy, Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg (Germany), 2013
Medical Licence, Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg (Germany), 2012
Postgraduate course “Neuroscience for medical students”, Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg (Germany), 2008


PhD reprersentative SebastianSebastian Samer

PhD representative from LIN

Before joining the lab of Michael Kreutz (‘NPlast’) at the LIN as a PhD student in 2017, I studied biotechnology and molecular neuroscience in Aachen and Tübingen.

In my project I work on transport mechanisms along cytoskeletal components that enable the communication between dendritic spines and the nucleus via specific signaling molecules. By changing the transcriptional program of the cell, they influence neuronal plasticity, which constitutes the basis of memory formation.

As a member of the PhD representatives at the LIN I try to support our PhD students and help with the organization of different social events. The CBBS network is a great opportunity to extend such efforts in attempt to create a bigger community of neuroscience-interested people and vivify PhD life here in Magdeburg. That does not only benefit science, but can also help everybody to network, make friends and decide about future career paths.


180212-M1A-8358Antonia Yam

PhD representative from DZNE

I am a 2nd year PhD student in the group of Alexander Ditjatev at the molecular plasticity department of DZNE, Magdeburg. In my PhD project, I am investigating the relationship between brain extracellular matrix and epilepsy using multiple electrode arrays. My project is part of the ECMED program, a European Commission funded ITN, which has 10 other academic and industrial partners across Europe.
Before I joined ECMED, I did my bachelor and master degree in Neuroscience (2008-2012), in Bristol, UK. My research interest lies in the pathological basis of neurodegenerative diseases. For my current project, I aim to find better interventions related to ECM for epilepsy.

Former PhD representatives

180212-M1A-8373Theresa Weidner

PhD representative from LIN

I have been working in the department of Prof. Frank Ohl at the LIN since 2014. Here, I wrote my Master thesis and now I am in my second year of the PhD. My project is part of the CBBS NeuroNetwork 10 “Optogenetic Read/Write Neuroprosthesis for Sensory Substitution” and my part is to test an optogenetic neuroprosthesis in the primary sensory cortices of an animal model.

Being educated in biology (B.Sc. in Mainz) and neuroscience (M.Sc. in Magdeburg), I am interested in illuminating the complex dynamics of the brain networks in learning and behavior. Different brain regions need to interact and even the smallest networks need vital links for the organ to function. Similarly, it is also important to connect between the multiple brain research networks in Magdeburg on each career level for the research field to flourish as a whole. Therefore, I am looking forward to represent the LIN’s PhD students in the CBBS graduate program and to further promote communication between the PhD students of its cornerstones OvGU, DZNE and LIN.

Almost every PhD and MD graduate student has to struggle during his/her PhD. In case you need a person to share your problems with, please contact us.