In October 2019, the CBBS Graduate Program started its own monthly lecture series: CBBS GP Ringlecture. We expect great talks given by CBBS members about their own research, cutting-edge technologies used on the campus and trouble shooting to give you an overview about ongoing research on the Campus of the Medical Faculty.

The lectures are open for all CBBS GP members. Sign in here to become a member.

The ring lecture takes place monthly at Thursdays 1 p.m. at the Institute for Biology, Hs 91, seminar room 101.

17.10.2019 – Dr. Michael Kreutz: A synapse biology view on neuroscience

28.11.2019 – Prof. Dr. Markus Fendt: Neuropharmacology of emotional and cognitive systems underlying neuropsychiatric endophenotypes in rodents

05.12.2019 – Dr. Esther Kühn: The architecture of the human somatosensory cortex

23.01.2020 – Dr. Janelle Pakan: Peering into the brain in action

27.02.2020 – Dr. Martin Riemer: Age-related changes in the processing of time and space

19.03.2020 – Prof. Dr. Thomas Wolbers: Using virtual reality technology to understand mechanisms of cognitive aging

Upcoming lectures can be found in our calendar.