We invite all MD and PhD students to join our CBBS graduate program. To ensure that you benefit from a membership in the CBBS graduate program, we ask you to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Enroll as PhD student at the Otto von Guericke University
    The formal regulations and requirements of enrolling at the OVGU you can find here.
    Here you find the necessary information if you are a doctoral student at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology.
  • Ask your PhD supervisor to support your membership in the CBBS-GP
    Your supervisor has to be a member of the CBBS. Here you can find the PIs supporting our CBBS graduate program.
  • Register here
    We will ask you to renew your membership every year.


To gain maximum benefits from your membership in the CBBS graduate program, you should do the following:

  • Fill the Individual Development Plan
    The IDP let you think about the training you need and seeking guidance from your mentors, who will support you as partners in your training. The complete fillable document can be send to you after registration and a short notice via mail.
  • Sign a graduation agreement (Promotionsvereinbarung) with your supervisor
    Information about the recommendations of the graduation agreement of your faculty or institute you can find here: OVGUFME, LIN (upon request), DZNE (upon request)
  • Select a thesis committee of at least 3 senior scientists, including your main supervisor*
    We recommend that your thesis committee consists of a supervising Post-Doc, a Professor/PI and an external Post-Doc.
    One of your thesis committee members has to be eligible for representing your thesis project at you faculty respective.
    At least one of these scientists should be independent of your main supervisor.
  • Write a thesis proposal
    By the end of your first year of study you should write a thesis proposal and collect the feedback from your thesis committee.
    Inform you thesis committee at least once a year about the progress of your project.

*In case you have questions, please contact us.