After you decided to start your PhD in Germany, you have to negotiate several bureaucratic hurdles. Do not be worried, your colleagues and we are happy to help you throughout your residence in Magdeburg.

The following information will help you to prepare your departure to Magdeburg and will give you an idea which formalities you have to deal with briefly after your arrival.

Formalities before you come to Magdeburg:

  1. Visa (regulations: –> entry and residence –> visa regulations –> visa requirements –> list of countries)
  2. valid health insurance

First steps to become a Magdeburger:

  1. Open a bank account
  2. Find a flat
  3. Register at Resident`s Registration Office
  4. Register at Foreigner`s authority

First steps to start your PhD:

  1. Admit at the Faculty for Natural Sciences of the OVGU as PhD student, help to the related applications you find here or contact us
  2. Check whether your graduation is sufficient to start the PhD at OVGU (if you have to attend additional courses please contact Nicole Albrecht from the Master Integrative Neurosciences)

If you have any doubts, please contact our coordinator.