Almost all of us have reached our limits when trying to understand the German University System. Therefore, with our new series of small events, we would like to give you an overview of the structures at German universities, legal regulations for scientists, career perspectives, funding and financial management.

We started our new event series „The German University Landscape“ on May 5th, 2021 at 4 p.m. with a talk by Dr. Barbara Witter from the OVGU Graduate Academy. She introduced the main structures of our OVGU, including Graduate Academy, Rectorate, Dean`s offices, Language Center, Library, Advice Centers and additional Research Institutions linked to OVGU.

We continued our event series with a talk by Annette Hoeschen and Angela Matthies from the Human Resources of OVGU. At May 5th, 3 p.m., they shed some light on “The tricky academic fixed-term contract act“. Within 1 hour PhD students and postdocs got all information needed to understand the academic fixed-term contract act.

After the summer break, we continued our event series with an introduction of “The international office- what do they offer for scientists?” by Dr. Uwe Genetzke, head of the international office at OVGU at 11.10.2021 10 a.m..


The events took place via zoom or in presence, according to the Corona-regulations.


Many thanks to Dr. Barbara Witter for her efforts to shed some light on the typical structures of German Universities.

The second event was dealing with the academic fixed-term contract act and realized by Annette Hoeschen and Angela Matthies from the Human Resources of OVGU. It was a pleasure to have such a lively bilingual event- many thanks for all your efforts to explain the difficulties of the academic fixed-term contract act.

Thank you to Dr. Uwe Genetzke for his nice overview about the structures of the international office and the insights into the funding opportunities for PhD candidates and Postdocs.

The events were jointly organized with MeCoSa.