PlatzhalterStefan Vielhaber

Senior Neurologist at the Department of Neurology at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

The central goal of our research is to understand the structural and functional hallmarks of ALS progression in longitudinal neuroimaging approaches and bioenergetic studies in humans. In three intradepartmental research groups we study i) disease related changes of hippocampal and motor network functioning during progression of the disease; ii) disease related biomarkers in CSF in association to peripheral and central imaging findings during the progression of the disease; iii) disease related changes in mitochondrial functional network in different tissues (muscle, nerve, fibroblasts, blood) to understand better tissue-specific alteration in ALS pathophysiology and to develop strategies of therapeutical intervention.

Keywords: neurodegeneration – ALS – MRI – muscle – sonography

Location: OVGU (FME)

Webpage: Link