Chrstina_SpilkerChristina Spilker

Senior Research Scientist at Neuroplasticity at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg

Research in the RG Neuroplasticity (head: Dr. Michael R. Kreutz) is concerned with molecular mechanisms of neuronal plasticity. Of particular interest are molecular dynamics of the postsynaptic density in health and disease, signalling from synapse to nucleus and how synaptic control of nuclear gene expression feeds back to plastic properties of neurons. In this context we address how neuronal calcium signals are decoded by calciumsensor proteins. Personal interests within the RG Neuroplasticity are the characterization of mouse models for synaptic/ neuronal proteins with respect to neurodevelopmental disorders (Kallmann syndrome), Autism spectrum disorders and/ or neurodegenerative disorders.

Keywords: synaptic and neuronal plasticity – synapse-to-nucleus signaling – postsynaptic density – RapGAPs – mouse models for neuronal/synaptic proteins

Location: LIN

Webpage: Link