Pollmann_StefanStefan Pollmann

Head of Experimental Psychology, Institute of Psychology at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Our research is focused on perceptual learning and attention control mechanisms and their neural basis. Early work helped to characterize the brain’s attention network with particular emphasis on visual search with fMRI and patient studies. More recently, we investigated how object perception and search guidance is governed by perceptual learning. This led to the question if memory-guided visual search is compromised following vision loss. In a series of studies with gaze-contingent simulated central scotomata and with age-related macular degeneration patients he could show deficits in memory-guided search, but also compensatory adaptations following central vision loss. Another research focus is fMRI methodology, from early studies on event-related design to recent projects on multivariate pattern analysis.

Keywords: attention control – perceptual learning – cognitive neuroscience – patient studies – fMRI methods

Location: OVGU (FNW)

Webpage: Link