Toemme_NoesseltToemme Noesselt

Head of the Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Our research focuses on the interplay of sensory modalities in humans. In particular, we study the psychological mechanisms and neural underpinnings of audiovisual motion extrapolation, the built-up of temporal expectations and how real-world consequences (touch and/or pain) influence these processes. Moreover, the interactions of gustatory and visual processing are currently investigated to understand how visual expectations shape gustatory perception and liking. We use psychophysical methods combined with fMRI and EEG and advanced analysis methods (MVPA, DTI, connectivity analysis) to tackle these issues.

Keywords: multisensory integration – temporal attention – meaning acquisition – fMRI – EEG

Location: OVGU (FNW)

Webpage: Link