Martin_HeineMartin Heine

Research Group Leader of Molecular Physiology at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg

The strongest interest in our research is focused on the communication between neurons. Here we investigate the traffic and surface dynamics of synaptic calcium channels and adhesion molecules using localization microscopy and electrophysiology. With the use of optogenetic tools we currently develop an experimental approach to manipulate molecular surface dynamics. Such manipulations should help to understand transient molecular interactions essential for short term plasticity and memory formation. Voltage gated calcium channels, which can trigger many signaling processes as well as transmitter release are essential for such processes and our main interest. A further aim is to use molecular dynamics to characterize the molecular network wherein calcium channels are located. Here we collaborate with other groups in the CBBS as well as with national and international partners.

Keywords: ion channels – synaptic plasticity – network activity – single particle tracking – surface dynamic

Location: LIN

Webpage: Link