30. March 2020 @ 10:30 – 31. March 2020 @ 16:00
Leibniz Institute for Neuorbiology, Ebbinghaus Lecture Hall
Brenneckestraße 6
39118 Magdeburg
Dunja Kunke

Workshop in Magdeburg at the LIN, March 30-31, 2020

The AMiD Workshop aims to discuss new insights into the development of attention and memory during childhood and adolescence from a neurocognitive perspective. We will present you with talks and discussions by internationally renowned experts in the field (please see below).

The workshop reflects a variety of methods suitable for developmental neurocognitive approaches (e.g. EEG, fMRI, NIRS, Pupillometry).

Young researchers are invited to present their latest research on attention and memory development in a data blitz and poster session with ample opportunity to discuss and talk about the work that is currently being done.


Start on Monday (30.03.20) at 10:30 with the first Talk at 11:00
End of Workshop on Tuesday (31.03.20) at 16:00

The times are preliminary and might change.


Save the date and pass on the information to your colleagues, postdocs, students, and all people who might be interested in the AMiD Workshop!

We look forward to seeing you in Magdeburg!


The Neurocognitive Development Team

The Workshop is funded by the DFG (WE5026/1-2).


Further information an registration: https://www.lin-magdeburg.de/forschung/konferenzen/amid