21. January 2021 @ 18:00 – 19:30
Bankim Subhash Chander

10 Week Mindfulness Course

Organized by: Bankim Subhash Chander 

I am a Postdoc working on motor control and chronic pain at LIN. I also extend my scientific background in neuroscience to practice my passion for therapeutic aspects of meditation. Looking forward to share my practice and enjoy the benefits of mindfulness together.


  • The club will be about therapeutic aspects of meditation. In cosy clothes, the participants will meet once a week.
  • Place: currently via zoom:


Meeting ID: 919 3546 7085
Password: 108108

  • Start: 6 p.m.
  • Each 10 week course will be conducted in 3 phases of 3 sessions in each phase. Each 90 min session will start with 30 min discussion on benefits of mindfulness, followed by 30 min of yoga workout and the remaining 30 min will be devoted to mindfulness.
  1. First phase focuses on ‘body scanning’ mindfulness
  2. Second phase focuses on ‘elements of life’ mindfulness 
  3. Third phase focuses on ‘self realization’ mindfulness
  • The last session is an open session with the possibility of doing a special 1hr mindfulness session.

    Participants are expected not to skip more than 3 sessions in total and not more than 2 sessions in each phase. Participants who successfully complete the mindfulness course are eligible for a certificate issued by CBBS graduate program.

    For registration send a mail to: bankimchander@gmail.com or contact@gp.cbbs.eu