20. June 2019 @ 9:00 – 18:00
Ebbing hall, LIN
Brenneckestr. 6
39118 Magdeburg

Take the chance to get information about several career opportunities and sharpening your soft skills and networks.
We have invited several notable speakers coming from academic and non-academic sectors.They will give presentations in which they will reflect on their careers and field of action and will discuss with you the perspectives for young scientists. Furthermore, participants will be given additional opportunities concerning their career management.
Additionally, a workshop “Career Development”, professional CV check and professional Application Photo shooting will take place at the day.
Female and male young scientists, master students, PhD and Post-docs are strongly encouraged to attend this event.

The speakers during the morning hours (9:15 – 12:35) will be:

Dr. Lydia Sanmarti-Vila
(EU project manager, Barcelona)

Dr. Rasa Guilbinaite
(Post-Doc researcher in Neurosciece, Marie-Curie Fellow, Lyon )

Dr. Abigail Woodfin
(Post-Doc researcher in British Heart Foundation, Research advisor,London )

Dr. Grit Landgraf
(Medical Science Liaison, Otsuka Pharma GmbH, Frankfurt a.M.)

Susanne Lüders
(Teacher’s training for Universities, Ministry of education, Magdeburg )

Prof. Dr. Elena Azañón
(Dorothea Erxleben Professor in Neuroscience, OvGU Magdeburg)

Prof. Dr. Nicole Wetzel
(Professor in Neurocognitive Development, Magdeburg Stendal & LIN)

the participants will have the following opportunities:

– get their CVs checked – Polish it to Perfection!
(13:00-17:00, Katrin Gruschka, Career Center Hochschule ,Magdeburg-Stendal ; REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

– participate in a coaching Workshop: ‘”Career Development”
(14:00-18:00, Dr. Kartin Bodewits, NaturalScience.Careers ; REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

– participate in Round table discussion : “Scientific Career and Child(ren)” with Dr. Julia Noack, Dr.Stefanie Schreiber, Prof. Dr. Anne Dudeck, Dr. Nicole Angenstein, Prof. Dr. Andrea Kröger, Dr. Juliane Handschuh, Prof. Dr. Elena Azañón; REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

– get professional application photos taken (eg. for CV)
(13:00-16:00, Elena Stalmashonak, REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/588198175014624/

Registration: http://www.sfb854.de/F%C3%B6rderung/Gleichstellung/Career+Day+2019/Registration+for+Career+Day+2019.html