5. February 2019 @ 14:00
Campus Service Center
Universitätsplatz 2
Annette Hoeschen

Change of perspective – the event series by the graduate academy

How to become professor? – successful as a scientist

February 05th, 2019 | 2:00 PM | Campus Service Center

Talk an panel discussion with

  • Ulrike Frosch, Berufungsmanagement, OVGU and
  • Prof. Dr. Florian Grüner, Department of Physics, University of Hamburg
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Knabe, FWW, OVGU
  • Prof. Dr. Sanaz Mostaghim, FIN, OVGU
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Rach, FMA, OVGU

Publishing is one essential key to being appointed as professor. But it is not enough to have a respectable publication list in order to achieve one of the few sought-after professorships. What further conditions apply – open and concealed? What else can and must be done to be an attractive candidate for Universities? Which conditions are general and which ones are subject-specific? How transparent are the conditions and how do we know about them?

We invite you to discuss the various perspectives.

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