Currently, there are elections at the OVGU for

  • University’s senate,
  • Faculty’s councils of all faculties,
  • Student’s council of the university (students, who are a member of the body of students),
  • Student’s councils of the faculties (students, who are a member of the body of students),
  • Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the university,
  • Equal Opportunity Commissioner of faculty (all faculties), central facilities and administration (including President’s office).

Regarding the process of the electronic election please note:

1.     Login at the LSF-portal ( For doing this, please use your university username and password.

2.     Once you logged in, you will find the topic “Online-Wahlen” on the top of the website. In addition, you can choose the sections “Wahlberechtigung anzeigen” (Show the permission to participate in the election) and “Zugang zum Wahlportal” (Starting the election process). The function “Zugang zum Wahlportal” directs you to another website where the election process will be conducted.

3.     After the successful re-direction please click on the button “Weiter zur Wahl”, which directs you to your ballot paper. You will have more than one ballot paper, one for each committee to elect. In correspondence with the regulation of university elections you have a certain amount of votes, which can be cast among the candidates. After casting your vote, please press “Stimmabgabe prüfen” (Check casted votes).

4.     In case there has been a mistake with your casted vote or you want to cast an invalid vote you have to confirm your vote. You may either correct your casted vote or confirm your invalid vote.

5.     The next window shows your casted vote for confirmation independent of step 4. You can verify that the system correctly processes your vote.

6.     After pressing “verbindliche Stimmabgabe” (binding cast of votes), the system confirms that you have casted your vote.