Due to SARS-CoV-2, new information are published online almost every hour. Official websites providing information about the state of the pandemic are

the webpage of the Federal Governement

the webpage of the Federal State of Saxony Anhalt (press releases only in German)

Additional information provided by the Otto von Guericke University can be found on the webpage of the Graduate Academy and the university webpage.

Help for OVGU-parents can be found on the website of the OVGU family office.

Moreover, the migration office will be closed from 19.03.2020 until further notice.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Foreigners Authority will be closed from 18.03.2020 until further notice. 

However, your applications will still be processed. Please note the following information:

– Please send us applications for the extension of your residence permit by mail or e-mail abh@ewo.magdeburg.de or drop them in the mailbox in front of the entrance door of the Foreigners’ Authority

– The continuation of your residence permit will then be sent to you by post. 

– Extensions of tolerations/permits will be issued in your accommodation or also sent by post.

– Declarations of commitment, passport transfers are currently not applicable

– Advice is provided exclusively by telephone or email contact. In urgent, unavoidable cases, please contact the P.O. Box abh@ewo.magdbeurg.de or by telephone to your administrator.

The issue of eATs and travel documents that have already been ordered will initially continue to be carried out at the Aliens’ Registration Office. Please come to your appointment.

These measures are for your and our health. We thank you for your understanding.

Foreigners whose residence permits (AE) will expire in the coming weeks can apply for an extension in writing by mail or by e-mail abh@ewo.magdeburg.de to the ABH. The written applications will then be recorded and processed accordingly here. If necessary (expiry of the AE in a few days or weeks), certificates of continued validity will be issued and sent to the applicant. However, a new eAT can only be issued after a personal meeting for the submission of the biometric data and the identity check has taken place. All applicants will be sent dates for this in due course. Foreigners whose AE is valid until 30 April or less will be contacted by the ABH in the next few days if no application has yet been made and will also receive a certificate of continued validity. With a certificate of continued validity, the previous AE is still valid.

All other tasks such as on-site consultations, declarations of commitment, passport transfers, etc. cannot be performed at this time. The ABH can be contacted at any time by e-mail or via the telephone numbers you know. We try to answer all inquiries promptly.

I wish us all much strength and stamina in the coming days and weeks and stay healthy!“