The CBBS Imaging Platform Managing Committee is delighted to announce the launch of the beta version of the CBBS imaging platform analysis toolkit. This event will take place on the 21. of March at the Ebbinghaus lecture hall at the LIN starting at 10:15. Young reseachers are encouraged to participate as the developers Michael Hanke and Benjamin Poldrack will present the current status of a standard data organisation and analyis pipeline and are happy to take questions.  
Background (for those of you who are not familair with the CBBS Imaging Plattform): The CBBS Imaging platform was created 2 years ago to enable easy fMRI-data and analysis code sharing across neuroscience groups in Magdeburg. Two mile stones were set: 1. To provide an easy-to-use standard for MR-data to enable data/code sharing. (After some discussions we opted for the implementation of the BIDS format). 2. To collect the programs/Scripts developed in MD or optimized for particular scanning environments(e.g retinotopy, visual receptive field mapping, place cell mapping, cortical surface based MVPA, LC-mapping etc.) and to provide a Magdeburg analysis toolbox. The first milestone has been reached. In particular Michael Hanke and Benjamin Poldrack have developed an analysis pipeline to convert data into the BIDS format and carry out routine pre-processing and analysis. The second milestone will take some time, but even without the Magdeburg toolbox a lot of different tools for data analysis from other places are now ready to use  if you have the data organised according to the BIDS format.   At the launch event the current status of the Imaging Platform will be presented and Michael and Benjamin are happy to take questions after a their presentation. So, take this opportunity to talk to the developers directly as Michael and Benjamin will  leave Magdeburg soon.