Adobe Illustrator for Scientists – a technical workshop to understand and use Adobe Illustrator for scientific illustrations

The best scientific discovery is worthless if it is not well communicated. Visual representation of science is a key tool to communicate science in an intuitive way. Adobe Illustrator is one of the leading applications to create visually outstanding scientific illustrations. However, exporting, importing, structuring, formatting, aligning, grouping, modifying, and exporting figures for publications can be a hassle. Making them visual appealing while sticking to the journal’s guidelines can be even more challenging. This workshop by Jordan Graphics provided the participants with a start-to-end workflow using Adobe Illustrator to create figures ready to publish.

Tailored especially for the needs of scientists, this workshop included:

–           understanding the journals figure guideline,

–           setting up the Adobe Illustrator accordingly,

–           exporting data from your favourite statistics program

–           and importing them into Adobe Illustrator,

–           structure, format, modify, group, and align your figures,

–           and export them ready to publish.

Moreover, the trainer Philipp Jordan worked with the data of participants on their particular questions.

Detailed information can be found here.